What is Meri Peti?

"I grew up in many cities and lands between Gujarat, India to Tripoli, Libya - meeting many people along the way. These wonderful people hailed from different walks of life. Hopping from one place to another, I had but one constant in my life: memories forged from the places frequented, their inhabitants, both acquaintances and friends alike, and their enriched exposure to the many stories and cultures; All stored together in my "peti".

Meri Peti translates to “my trunk” from Hindi."

-Mrigini Iyer


about the designer

Mrigini Iyer is a Toronto Based Fashion Designer and a Visual Artist. She went to George Brown College in Toronto, and Columbia College in Chicago for her BFA degree. She has been part of the industry professionally starting at the age of 18, and was part of a duo called G aur M. She (as G aur M) has showcased her work at Vancouver and Washington DC Fashion Week, and a local Toronto Fashion Show. Her work is like spices-a blend of rawness of nature, cultures and silhouettes. This blend has also been featured in various magazines in Toronto and New York with works of different established artists. Now at the age of 22 and with more experience in her "peti" , this is what she has to say...


a letter from me-the DESIGNER

I am mostly a self thought artist and have always been an outsider wherever I have resided, be it within the Indian community or outside of it. Not completely knowing where I fit, I yearn for a sense of belonging, although always feeling strong about my roots. I created different projects within Meri Peti because each one of them reflect different emotions of myself, and my want to fill-in the lack of representation through different mediums of art. Seeing my mom work with the community for a very long time, I felt at ease when I started doing the same six years ago. Each project mirrors my experience with the world and incorporates fashion, culture and community. 

The rest is in front of you, and I hope you enjoy shopping, surfing or learning about all that I am able to bring to you!