An open letter from our founder.

In light of everything that has been happening around the world I feel it’s important to share how I and my business are supporting Black Lives Matter and other movements, but don’t want to take the focus away from these important causes for justice and equality. The story is and always should be focused on these movements, their missions and how we can all contribute. I chose not to post publicly as I feel it would take space and airtime away from those voices that need to be heard the most.

I work as part of a collective with three women, and with them have chosen to donate 15% of all sales to Know Your Rights Camp, who provide legal assistance to those in need along with other initiatives. I believe in their mission and their values and trust that Meri Peti’s customers do too. While we are a small business and our donation may be modest, every contribution, whether financial or not, helps. I encourage you to read more about KYRC by clicking the link below.

I will provide monthly updates here on where we’re at with donations. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at



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