Maa's Saree Project

It all started when...

Derived from yet another experience out of the traveling trunk of my life, products sold in this category are vintage sarees donated to us by encouraging friends and family members. Pieces still in good condition will be sold as old selves - a saree, but if any of the fabrics are torn or cannot be mended, they will then be turned into scarves. 

50% of the profits will be donated to a youth organization that focuses on positive lifestyle workshops, anti-oppression and other mentorship programs  - a life lesson of charity taught vicariously to me by the various close-knit communities in my trunk of travels. 

Youth between the age of 12 to 24 form stronger connections with people and their surroundings. Thus, we want to make certain that Meri Peti is part of that growth and can contribute in a way where we can spread Indian culture, tell a story and help our future be full of better, more understanding and community connected individuals.

Rent a Saree

It is a well known truth that we often buy and spend the money or time on scouting many stores or our aunty's closet for yet another saree for one wedding. This saree that would be worn once (now can be donated to us), is usually tossed in the closet to collect dust and eventually be forgotten. 

One of the best thing about a saree is that they are all size inclusive, and you do not have to worry about trying them on before ordering them. We will charge you per day after you receive your saree in the mail till you ship them back as we will provide you with a 30 day return tag. Stay tuned as we bring in different styles of vintage sarees from all over the globe!